There is a creative solution to add a Remind me later option to your auto-launched topic.


  1. Autolauncher created


1) Go to the Automation section of your selected site

In the Inline Manual portal, go to the Automation section of the site that you want to add a Remind me later option to a topic.

2) Select the autolauncher

Hover over the autolauncher you wish to make changes for and click the Edit button. 

3) Edit the autolauncher

On the edit autolauncher page, go to the Options Panel set the following options:

  • Number of plays - how many times the autolauncher should play the selected topic.
  • Play again after - this setting allows you to set a minimum time interval to start the topic again. If you set it to 24 hours, the autolauncher will launch again after the 24 hours interval. If set to 0, it will launch the topic again once the page is refreshed.
  • Enable Play only if topic wasn't completed - this option (checked by default) will make the autolauncher play only if it wasn't completed (the user didn't go through the whole walkthrough to the end).
  • You can optionally enable Allow users to dismiss this autolaunched topic - this option allows your users to opt-out from the autolaunched topic. If the user has chosen to dismiss the autolaunched topic, the topic will not be launched automatically in the future whether the user has completed the topic or not.

4) Open the topic in the Authoring Tool

Go to the Authoring tool to set-up the buttons. Navigate to the topic you want to add a Remind me later option to.

5) Create a custom button

Create a custom button using the WYSIWYG editor. 

6) Edit the custom button options

Add Remind me later as the text, choose Deactivate topic as the action then click OK.

You have now added a Remind me later button to your autolaunched topic.