There may be instances that you see a launcher in a place where it shouldn’t appear. This may happen if you have assigned the launcher to a vague element. Most of the times these launchers won’t display the step so you can’t identify which topic or step it is assigned to. In this article, we will show you how to identify the launcher with the status tool.

To identify a launcher:

  1. Navigate to a page where the launcher is appearing.

  2. Open the Authoring tool and click the Status button. If you initially get a result that Player is not installed, reload the page while the Authoring tool is open.

  1. Click the launcher. In Status, you will see that the topic ID and step index appear.

  1. To identify the topic by ID, navigate to Inline Manual portal -> then go to Sites -> choose a site. You will see that each topic has its ID enclosed in a parenthesis.

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