It is possible that you may encounter situations where you observe that your Steps or Widget are displaying multiple times on the same page. This occurs when the Inline Manual Player is initialized twice, indicating an implementation issue.

© Photo by Chad Cleveland 

© Photo by Chad Cleveland

Troubleshooting implementation - for developers

To troubleshoot this, we will first enable the Debug mode of the Player. Either by adding the parameter ?imDebug-activate=1 to the address where we are testing or via localStorage in the browser's console, we can set localStorage.setItem('imDebug-activate', 1); and reload the page.

When the Debug mode is enabled, we will see logs from the Player in the browser's console.

When the Player initializes, we see these two messages in the console log:

  • Constructing new
  • Setting options

We are looking for whether these calls only happen once on the same page where there is no reload. If it does, it might indicate one of the following:

  1. The Player is loaded more than once - for this, we can check the Network tab and filter by Player - <script src>
  2. The Player is created more than once somewhere in the code - call to createInlineManualPlayer 

We hope this will help you identify and fix the issue within your codebase. A working implementation is crucial for Inline Manual to work correctly. Therefore, if you would like help from our technical support, even if just to verify your implementation, please do not hesitate to contact us at or raise a new ticket.