All topics you create in Inline Manual are under a version control system. It keeps track of all changes you make and allows you to decide which version of the topics you want to play to your users. Each time you edit a topic, a new revision is created automatically. This means you can see when the content was changed and also revert back to previous states. A release is a named state of revision. With the version control system, it possible to have a topic set, for example, to Version 1.0 on your site, while you're testing a new version of the topic safely on the staging environment. When you're ready, you can create a new release, for example, Version 2.0, and update the topic assigned to your site.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create a release.

Creating a release

  1. Go to Topics and click the Topic ID of the Topic you want to create a Release for.

  1. Go to Revisions tab to see when the Revision was created and by whom.

    Note: Only the revisions that do not have a release yet would have a tag.

  1. Click the Tag button to create a Release.

  1. Name your Release, for example, 1.0 to indicate it’s one step ahead of Versions 1.0. Add additional info if needed.

  1. Click Create Release button.

  2. Under the Releases tab, you will see available releases.

Even if you don't use releases, you're always working on HEAD, but a revision is created every time to you save a topic.

When to use releases?

One effective way to use a release is to create both a production and a staging site both assigned to the same topic but with different releases. This will let you create/make changes at the staging site without directly affecting the production site. Find out more about version control for an overview.

When you're ready, assign the desired release to the topic.

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