This feature is available in Standard PRO and Enterprise plans.

With Inline Manual files, you can upload pictures directly within the Inline Manual portal. Then, you can use them in your steps or articles. Whenever you need to replace the image, you can do it just within the Inline Manual portal without the need to update every single topic that contains this image.

In this article, we’ll show you how files work.

Accessing files

  1. Login to the Inline Manual portal with your e-mail and password.
  2. Go to Files.

If you get a message that the feature is unavailable, verify if you're subscribed to either Standard PRO or Enterprise plan, or select a different account, for example, your organization account, which is subscribed to the PRO or Enterprise Plan.

Uploading a file

  1. Go to Files.

  2. Click the Upload new file button.

  1. You will be redirected to a page where you can upload a new file. Fill in the required fields and choose an image you want to upload. Here's the description of each field:

  • *Title - your image's title.
  • Owner - you can choose either your Personal account or the Organization account.
  • Tags - you can add tags to identify images easily.
  • Pick a file - allows you to pick a file from your files.

The file format should either be JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Max file size is 5MB. Max width and height of the image is 2600x2600 px. The total overall limit is 50 MB for all images.

  1. Once you have uploaded the file, you will be able to get a link to the image. You can either highlight and copy the link or click the copy link button.

  1. You can use files whenever you need to add images and GIFs to your topics. Learn how to add an image.

Editing a file

You can replace an uploaded image with a different one without changing the image URL. This means that you won't have to edit all the topics you had that previous image in; by replacing the image you are esentially updating that image across all topics since the image URL will remain the same. Keep in mind that it may take a few minutes to see updated files in a step.

To edit a file:

  1. Click the Edit button.

  2. Upload a new file.

  3. Confirm changes with the Save changes button.

Deleting a file

  1. Click the Delete button under the Action section.

  2. If you have multiple files that you want to delete, select them and delete them all at the same time with the Delete selected button.

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