You can translate content into multiple languages from right within the Authoring Tool. When you assign a set of languages to each topic, you can translate the content of just that step, including the title and the content. Step translation in this way retains the same settings for each step across the translations. This includes step properties like Backdrop settings, the Assigned element and so forth.

Please note that translations are not possible for Redirect Topic types.

To add a translation:

  1. After creating a topic and a step, click the Languages button in the menu bar.

  1. In the Languages Panel, click +Add Language.

  1. Select the language to use, add the name of the translated topic and the description. Click Add language button.

  1. This will bring you back to the Language Panel, where it will show the available languages. Click the arrow to return to editing your topic.

  1. In the list, the language code appears under the title of each step or tooltip. Below that, in the Step Options panel, use toggle buttons for each language to translate any content immediately. You can manage multiple languages for the same topic for faster and easier translation.


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