In the Widget content section, you can adjust the way your content is visible within the widget.

Widget content

  1. Go to Sites and choose the desired site.

  1. Go to the Widget tab. Then go to Settings.

  1. Go to Widget content.

In the Widget content you can change following settings:

  • Search box - if checked, the search box appears at the top of the topic list within the widget. Your users can search for topics in real-time.

  • Filter by context - if checked, only topics that match the context path will be shown within the widget. This allows you to show only relevant content to your users.

  • Filter topics by language - if checked, the list of topics within the widget will be filtered by currently selected language. Only topics in current language and language-neutral topics will be displayed.

  • Panel Backdrop - if checked, you will see the backdrop under the panel. This feature works only if Splash mode is disabled.

  • Splash mode - if checked, the panel with a list of topics will be displayed in the middle of the screen.

  • Splash backdrop - if checked, the backdrop will be added under the panel in the Splash mode. This only takes effect when Splash mode is enabled.