By default, the widget appears in the lower right-hand corner, and it's blue. We know that customization is important, that’s why you can change the color and the position of the button in just a few simple clicks.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do it.

Changing the color and the position of the widget

  1. Go to Sites and choose the site you want to edit.

  1. Go to the Widget tab. Then go to Settings.

  1. Within the Widget button you can adjust the position. You can place the button at the top, bottom, or right/left side of the page. With side positions, depending on the design of your webpage, you may encounter a problem with the widget being cut-off on the edge. You can resolve this with a CSS code. Take a look here for instructions.

  1. Within the Widget theme you can change the text color and the background color by picking the right one or by providing a hex color code.

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