Inline Manual subscription is plan-based. When you go to the pricing page, you will notice that we have 2 payment plans available: Standard PRO and Enterprise. Different plans offer different features.

Inline Manual subscription – choose the right plan!

We made Inline Manual to fit any budget. Our tool is packed with the most relevant features that your SaaS, SMEs or Large Enterprise will need. We provide fair and flexible pricing that will scale in a predictable way along with your services and needs.

The Standard PRO plan is a perfect choice for small and mid-sized companies and includes essential functionalities like unlimited content, segmentation, automation, analytics, customer support, and no branding option.

Apart from that, Standard PRO plan that includes key features like advanced multilingual, branching and actions, and standalone player.

Larger companies love the custom experience offered by our Enterprise plan, where you can access superior features including flexible limits, dedicated Customer Success Manager, custom invoice, custom integration support, iframe support, and priority support.

The pricing is based on the number of active users - active users are users that logs in to your application and the Inline Manual player is installed for them. You can choose to limit who will have Inline Manual available on your site as well as you can disable analytics and people tracking. For example, for 250 active users monthly you will pay $158 in the Standard PRO plan.

See the pricing page for more information. You will find there a slider that you can drag to see how the pricing scales with the number of active users.

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