With the Player Debug Widget, you can monitor changes in your content while previewing it live on the site. Use the widget for a debugging process, especially when you're making changes to the appearance and/or when you're updating the topics assigned to the application.

In general, it takes up to 5 minutes to publish the changes you saved. To see your changes faster on your site, do a hard refresh/clear cache - you should be able to see changes after 2-3 minutes.

The Player Debug Widget is designed to help you test the Inline Manual player right in your application. With the widget you can:   • Check if the player is installed on the page/website, • Display the most recent time the player is updated in the application.

In this article, we describe how to use the Player Debug Widget and what for.


How to open the widget:

  1. To enable the tool, add the parameter ?imDebug-activate=1 at the end of the URL of your website and press Enter.


  1. The widget will appear at the bottom corner of the page after the page reloads. This tool is stored locally in your browser and can not be seen by other users of your application.

  1. Click the "x" button to disable it.

You can use the Player Debug Widget as an indicator to know if the player is installed on the page or the application. The widget will only appear if the player is implemented.

When to use the widget?

You can use the widget to check the most recent time of the player's update. This is useful when you make changes to your content or settings. The timer will change automatically when the player is updated. Remember to refresh/reload a page to see the changes.

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