With Inline Manual in your app, you can guide your users to success with flexible tours, tips, and tutorials. Inline Manual is used and loved by small and big companies as it helps to get customers up to speed in no time, and is available for any web-based product.

Our tool is mostly popular with marketers, support managers, product owners, sales, training and customer success managers who wish to create a better user experience for their customers and employees.

Inline Manual acts as a layer on top of your application so you can see how it interacts with your app on the fly. You can try it out and experience how it will feel like for your customers before publishing anything. We built the Inline Manual with flexibility in mind. We support any application, from enterprise products to custom made applications.

With our simple editor, you can easily create product walkthroughs, onboarding guides, new features announcements, tooltips and manageable product documentation. And with our powerful segmentation and automation features, you can be sure that the right users receive the right content at the right time. You can target users based on their role or behaviour to help them reach essential onboarding goals. We support all languages, including RTL languages so that you can help your users all over the world. All your content will be under a version control system, which means that you can test, rollout, and revert changes on your staging environment and deploy to production when you’re ready.

As a SaaS company, we pay a lot of attention to security. We respect the trust of our customers and trial users in sharing confidential information. We offer a reliable platform that will not affect your site performance. Google Cloud Platform hosts our servers. The Inline Manual service hosting servers physical location is in St.Ghislain, Belgium, EU.