We encourage our customers to test a new Player version before it is released by allowing them to switch to the Beta version. This will enable you to discover and report any errors you may encounter and provide feedback. This approach ensures a smooth transition for our clients. 

Enabling the Beta Version: Availability and Activation

1. Log in to Inline Manual Portal with your e-mail and password.

2. Go to Sites and choose the desired Site.

3. Go to the Settings tab, and then go to Player version.

To see if a Beta version is available, look for the Beta version checkbox and the Save button. Clicking the checkbox and the Save button will activate the Beta version.

If no Beta Player is available, the following message will be displayed:

Important notes

  • New updates to the stable Player will be announced before a release. At this time, customers can opt-in to try a gradual rollout.
  • You can test the Player per Site to safely test on a Staging environment without upsetting your Production environment.

Please report any issues you may find to support@inlinemanual.com Your feedback is very important to us. We're looking forward to it!

Subscribe to the developer's channel for updates

We have introduced a new channel for updates on the latest player version. Developers can stay informed by following the channel and ensuring no impacts from API or other changes. 

To stay updated, sign up for the Inline Manual Developer Mailing list or forward the link to your developers.