With Inline Manual, you can create a Walkthrough that will take a user from one page to another within the same domain. You can do it by setting up a path for a step in the Misc panel. However, you may want to create a Walkthrough that will take users from one Site to another and these two websites are not within the same subdomain. For example, you are trying to move users from https://generalsite.com to https://acme.com.

In this article, we’ll show you how to do it.

The best way to achieve this is to add a custom HTML button to a step's content that will link to a specific topic. It will look like this in HTML:

<a href="https://acme.com/?imTopic=12345" onclick="inlinemanualplayer.deactivate()">Next</a>

The direct link to a Topic is: https://acme.com/?imTopic=12345

This will show the Next link within the step, and upon clicking it, it will deactivate the currently active Topic on https://generalsite.com, redirect the user to https://acme.com Site and start Topic number 12345 there. 

Note that the Inline Manual player must be installed on both Sites for it to work as intended.

You can also launch a specific tutorial on a specific step with an additional parameter:


The first step index is 0, therefore if you want to jump to step 6, you will have to enter 5.

Example: https://acme.com/home?imTopic=12345&imStep=5

To get the topic ID:

  1. Go to Sites within the Inline Manual portal and choose the desired Site.

  1. On the Topic list, find the correct Topic.

  2. Check the ID under the ID column across the Topic title.

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