Get a complete overview of all the Topics you have created within Inline Manual and their Site assignments. You can search and filter based on various parameters to find the right content you were working on. Leverage the Topics tags to categorise your content to find it easily.

Search by keyword: to find relevant content. We search through the Title and Description.

Filter by:

  • Site - "All" will list all the content, both assigned and not assigned. Choose a specific Site to list Topics assigned to the selected Site. Use the "None" option to list all unassigned Topics.
  • Type - Choose a Topic type.
  • Status - Active lists all published content, whilst Archived lists the Topics that are not assigned to any Site and archived.
  • Tags - Start typing to get suggestions for active tags within your Topics to use as the filter.

Sort by:

  • You can sort by the Topic title, ID, creation and update time.

Clicking the Topic title will take you to the Topic's activity and detail.

The Sites column in the content table displays a list of Sites the Topic is currently assigned to. It will be empty if it is not assigned to any.

You can access quick links to Edit, Clone and Archive the Topic from the Content Page.