Use tags to identify topics more easily. You will see added tags within the Topics list under the tag tab. In this article, we’ll show you how to add tags and when to use them.

Adding tags

To add tags to your topics:

  1. Go to Topics and click the topic ID of the topic you want to add tags to.

  1. Go to the Settings tab and scroll down to Advanced settings section.

  1. Provide Tags in the Tags section. Provide your tags in lowercase only. You can have spaces in a tag name. Add commas to separate multiple tags.

The assigned tags will appear on all the sites the topic is assigned to.

  1. Confirm changes with the Update Topic button.

When to use tags

Tags are a way for administrators and authors to easily group topics and identify which topic is which. You will see a list of tags and topics associated with them within the Authoring tool. It'll help you to quickly find a topic you need to edit.

  1. Open a site and click on the menu next to the search:

  1. You will see all tags added and topics under each tag:

  1. If there is no tag added to the topic, it will be listed under the "without tag" tab.


Use tags to quickly identify topics with the same title within the Inline Manual portal. For example, you have a feature announcement you want to display in the widget, but you need to display different content for different segments. In this case, you can make two topics with the same title, and then show each of the topics to specific segments only. To make identifying topics easier, you can add tags.

You can also use topic tags to search for the topics in the widget and for the checklist.

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