If you're trying out Inline Manual for the first time, start with a sample group for a set time. Build your step-by-step guides and tutorials, and decide which segment of users you want to help first.

Your goals will determine how you monitor your success and optimize your content. With Analytics and People tracking enabled, you can Automate content for specific groups or Segments of users. By looking at your experiments results, you can see what works best, and how you can improve. And then you can repeat that success.

Here are some ideas!

By testing with a specific user group and a focused question, you'll be able to discover the impact on goal completion or support requests.

  • Launch a walkthrough for new users who just logged into your application for the first time. Show them the a-ha moment of your application as soon as possible. Do you notice new users are more engaged with your application?
  • Take a known trouble spot in your application and add a launcher to start a new tour. Do you find that you're getting fewer support requests?
  • Add a walkthrough to show new features to users who haven't logged in recently. Do you notice an increase in feature adoption?
  • Do you want to attract your key clients to your invite-only online event? Create a segment based on your app's user plan, or even a specific company, and see if they're more likely to respond.


Here's a quick overview of the process to optimize your content.

  1. Enable Analytics.
  2. Enable People Tracking requires an additional script to be installed in your app.
  3. Create a Segment using Rules based on your user accounts' properties.
  4. Use Automation to auto-launch a walkthrough the next time your user logs in. Select the content and the segment.
  5. Review your Analytics results to see how to improve your content.

Track completion and monitor drop-off funnels in Analytics

Whether you're helping onboard employees or customers, you'll want to know who completed which tutorials. You'll also what to know which tutorials are assisting the most users.

Your tutorials and tour will guide users through an ideal customer journey. With our Analytics, you can see precisely if they drop off and where they drop off. Then you can immediately improve your content to guide them.