In this article, we’ll describe how to create a Segment out of your users based on the data you send us. For most popular use cases, take a look at our guide about targeting users.

To create a Segment:

  1. Login to the Inline Manual portal with your e-mail and password.

  2. Go to Sites and choose a site you want to create a Segment for.

  3. Go to the People tab. You will see a list of all your active users and two default Segments: New users and Everyone but new users.

  4. You can create a new Segment or add rules to the already existing Segments. Start by choosing if all rules must be met (AND) or just some of them (OR).

  5. Click on the + Add parameter button to add more rules. You can add multiple parameters. Add relevant rules based on the data you send to us. Refer to people tracking for more information. Set up Field (e.g. Role) and Condition (e.g. contains: Admin).

    You will see a list of your users based on your set parameters. Please note that a new user will appear in the database of Inline Manual within 2-3 minutes.

  6. When all parameters are set, click the Save segment button.

  7. Name your new Segment (A) and click on the Save button (B).

  8. The new Segment will appear on the list under Segments.

  9. If you want to edit the Segment, use the pencil icon, and if you wish to delete the Segment, use the trash bin icon. You can also delete parameters or add more and update the Segment.

  10. When you try to delete a Segment already in use, you'll see a modal window with a list of topics associated with this Segment. You can scroll the list and click on each topic to remove the assigned Segment you want to delete.

    After that, the Delete segment button will be active. Click the Delete segment button to confirm the deletion.

Filter by Segment

  1. Within a Site, go to the People tab.
  2. You will have all your Segments on the left side. Click the desired Segment to see the users that are assigned to it.

What’s next?

Now that you have your own Segments created, you can:

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