Create an organization

Use an organization if you plan on collaborating with others. After you add an organization, you can add your existing sites and create new ones.

Organizations also make it easy to centralize billing. For example, you may want to have a company account billed for Inline Manual, and then you can control access amongst several collaborators.

Invite collaborators

You can add individuals to your organization. You can give each user an appropriate role such as owners, writers, or readers, depending on the level of control you want to provide that user.

By Topics inherit the organization-level permissions assigned to users in that organization. You can also set permissions per-topic if you want to override these permissions, such as giving someone who is usually Reader access to Write or edit a single Topic.

Manage sites in your organization

By default, if you've created an organization when you registered, your new sites will automatically be "owned" by the organization you've made. If you started without an organization, your sites are created under a personal profile.

You can change the site owner from a personal profile to an organization under Site Details.