There may be instances that you may need to use the topic ID. For example, when you want to use a direct link to launch a walkthrough. You can find the topic ID easily within the Inline Manual portal or the Authoring tool. In this article, we'll show you how to get it.

Finding topic ID in the Inline Manual portal

  1. Go to Sites and choose the desired site.

  1. Go to the Topics tab and identify the desired topic. You will see the topic ID under the ID tab.

  1. Also within the portal, you can easily find the topic ID in the address bar when you go to the desired topic.

Finding the topic ID in the Authoring tool

  1. You can get the topic ID from the Authoring tool easily. It's the number below the topic title beside the author's name and language.

  1. While you are editing a topic, you can see the topic ID below the topic title on top.