The Trigger Element allows you to set an element, that will upon clicking launch the Topic. This is an alternative to Topic Launchers if you prefer to launch the Topic by clicking directly on an element on the webpage rather than a tooltip icon.

It has no context as of now, so specify the selector as best as possible since it might attach to other elements on other pages if the selector is weak.

Click on Manage on the menu bar of the Authoring tool. This will bring you to the Manage Topic Panel where you can update or change the topic title, description, and context path. Select the Advanced button below to expand the menu and display the Trigger Element option.

Add an element by clicking the target icon and selecting the element that you want to assign. If you want to target multiple elements, separate selectors with a comma. Hit Save at the bottom to apply.

(Note: This feature can only be tested while the Authoring Tool is off. You can either disable the Authoring Tool first or test it on another computer/browser.)