Redirects in Inline Manual are a topic type that you can use to provide an internal or external link, that upon clicking go to a specified URL. Use redirects to add any link to your widget. You may want to list a link to a specific page without needing a walkthrough. For example, you might like to provide a link to report a bug, open a support ticket on another site or link to existing knowledge base article

As with other topics in Inline Manual, you can use the context paths to show redirects only if your users are on a certain page or in a specific part of your application. Imagine this scenario, your users go to a contact page, and while on this page you can show them a link in the help widget to report a bug or open a ticket. You can also take advantage of the segmentation feature. Visibility of redirects can be restricted to specific groups of users, for example, you can show certain links to New users and totally different ones to Users with, for example, admin permissions.