Mobile-Responsive Topics

Although we do not officially support small devices yet (or in a better way), you can still alter the behavior of the steps to make them change size based on the screen size via CSS.

Inline Manual does not work on Native applications (iOS, Android), but works for hybrid apps with HTML output or when accessed through a web browser.

Whether this will work for you depends on various aspects, your application, the elements you have, and also the content of the steps. Inline Manual works on top of HTML apps. If your app is HTML based, even if it is running on a mobile or in any other wrapper (your developers might be using the ionic or similar framework), then Inline Manual, if injected into the app, should work. It depends also on whether you can access the app itself in the browser (some of our customers had that option to do so) they were able to run the Authoring tool (since the Authoring tool is the chrome browser extension).

The example below will make the images always fit the width of the popover and also makes the width of the popover 300px on screens smaller than 459px (mobile)

@media (max-width: 459px) {
  .inmplayer-popover-inner-content {
     width: 300px !important;
  .inmplayer-popover-inner-content img {
    display: block;
    width: 100% \9;
    max-width: 100%;
    height: auto;

This CSS should be paste to the CSS tab in the site's Player appearance settings.

We are more than looking for feedback on mobile behavior and will be inviting our customers to beta test these features.

Hide Widget Button on Mobile Devices

Hide the widget for mobile devices (all mobile devices that are smaller than Tablet) by toggling Hide on mobile devices in the Widget's settings.

This won't hide any existing launchers/hotspots and does not prevent Autolaunchers.

Autolaunchers: Filter by Device

Autolauncher is activated only when a user is on a particular device category. It can either be All, Mobile or Desktop. You can it up in the Autolauncher Advanced settings in the Automation tab.

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