Whether you're using Inline Manual to ensure users complete onboarding goals or to improve conversion rates - data is the key. You can tell many stories by looking at your results. With Inline Manual Analytics, you can get the statistics you need to improve your topics and your website.

How to: enable analytics

With enabled analytics, you can view the performance of your content, and see where you can make improvements.

To enable analytics:

  1. Log-in to the Inline Manual portal with your e-mail and password.

  2. Go to Sites and choose the site you want to enable analytics for.

  1. Go to the Analytics tab and click Enable analytics.

  1. Great! From now on, the data will be collected.

What can you check with analytics?

Inline Manual Analytics provides reports on the Player, Widget, Walkthroughs, and Launchers. Currently there are no reports for Article or Redirect Topics. 

Each report will show the count and increment/decrements percentage. The percentage is counted by comparing the data with the previous period. For example, if you select 1st October to 14th October, it will compare it against 17th September - 30st September - the last 14 days from 1st October. If you select two months, it will compare it with the previous two months.

Here’s a list of available reports:

Player initialized - the number of times Inline Manual Player is initialized within your application. When the Player is already installed on your website, it is initialized every time a user visits or logs into your website.

Walkthroughs launched - the total number of times your guides are launched/played in your application.

Walkthroughs completed - the number of times your user finishes or completes the whole guide.

Widget clicked - the number of times the widget button is activated by your users.

Launchers clicked - if you have added launcher icons in your application, this will show the number of times they were clicked.

Top walkthroughs played - These are the top walkthroughs that are launched automatically or manually by your users. It will display the name of the topic, its rank, the number of plays vs the number of times your users complete it.

Widget clicks per path - this will show the number of times the widget button is activated by your users per path or page on your website. If you rename the widget to “Need help?” this might indicate on what pages the users are lost.

Top not completed walkthroughs - A walkthrough is marked as not completed if the user closes or exits the tour before reaching the last step or step indicated as last step via End step feature.

Walkthroughs launched vs completed - this is a comparison of the total number of times a walkthrough is activated or launched, vs the number of times the user has completed it. A walkthrough is marked complete if the user reaches the last step or step indicated as last step via End step feature.

Each topic has its own analytics results. For example, with multi-step walkthroughs, you can view the drop off funnels showing how many steps were completed by users.

To see the drop off funnels report:

  1. Click the topic you want to check.

  1. You will be redirected to a page with the drop off funnels report.

In the drop off funnel report, you can see how many people have seen the first step and how many of them continued to the second one. Use the calendar and compare the previous performance. With this knowledge, you can optimize the walkthroughs to deliver the best experience and increase your conversion rates.

How to: change the time period

You can customize the report based on the time duration. You can choose a preset time period or put your own dates.

To choose a preset time period, click the menu icon and expand the list. From a list, select the desired time period.

To set your own dates, click on the date and provide your own values.

How to: export the report

Every preview has an option to view the full report and to export data into a .CSV file.

To export the report:

  1. Click view full report.

  1. On the page with the full report view, click CSV export below the table.

  1. Save the report to your desktop. Done!

To export drop off funnels report:

  1. Choose a desired topic.

  1. Click CSV export under the report.

  1. Save the report to your desktop. Done!

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