While creating content in Inline Manual, it is common to add navigation buttons to your popovers to smoothly help your users move through your guides. You can use default buttons or create yours. In both cases, you will work with the Inline Manual Authoring Tool and the Step Options Panel.

In this article we will describe the available buttons, explain how they work and how to customize them.

Available buttons

In Inline Manual, there are three default buttons available:

  • Prev (Previous) - go back to the previous step.
  • Next - advances to the next step.
  • End - finishes the guide.

When you activate those buttons, they appear at the bottom of your popovers like this:

However, there are other options available in the control panel:

  • Progress - shows the number of steps in your guide.
  • Close - shows the "x" button to close the popover.
  • Navigation - switch off/on the Previous and Next buttons.
  • Controls - toggles whether the entire control menu appears.
  • All - enables/disables all buttons you have selected; also disables the padding and the entire buttons holder, so there is no additional space.

Adding custom buttons

Instead of using the default buttons, you can add custom ones in the Step Options Panel to:

  • Launch a Topic
  • Jump to a Step
  • Deactivate a Topic

To add a Custom button:

  1. In the Step Options Panel, click the Custom button icon.

  2. In the Text field write the text that you want to appear on the button.

  3. Set the Action - choose a location the button points to, e.g. choose another Topic, Step or deactivate the Topic.

Please note that you can also use the new feature to create custom Inline buttons. These buttons do not span the entire step (100%) but are instead based on the amount of text.

Read more about Custom buttons.

Changing the default color and text

By default, buttons in your popover are blue. You can change their color in the Inline Manual portal.

To change the default color of a button:

  1. Go to Sites in the upper menu and choose a Site for which you want to edit a topic.

  1. Go to the Settings of the Site (A), then Player appearance (B), and click on the Buttons tab (C). In this tab you will see the option to customize your buttons. Make your changes.

  1. Confirm your changes with the Save button.

    Read more about changing the Player appearance.

    You can also change the text visible on your buttons in the Inline Manual portal. This applies only to the default buttons - Next, Prev, and End.

To change the default text on the button:

  1. While in Site settings, click the Player languages on the left menu.

  1. Click Add localization or the Edit button.

It will open a section with texts visible in different parts of the Inline Manual player. Scroll down to the Popover buttons section and make your changes, e.g. you can change "End" to "Finish" if that suits your application better.

  1. Confirm with the Save button.

Find out more about how to change the text globally as a translation in our guide: Player Languages - User interface localization.

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