In Inline Manual, you can switch the Site to be on TEST or LIVE mode. With TEST mode on, you’ll be able to see the Widget and play Topics only if you’re logged in to the Inline Manual portal and are accessing the application/site within the same browser window. This is for you to test all your content before making it available to all your other users. On the contrary, LIVE mode makes the Widget and Topics available to everyone on your Site without the need to be logged in to the Inline Manual portal.

TEST mode is NOT available for single page applications implementation and the new embed player.

In this article, we’ll show you how to toggle TEST and LIVE modes.

To toggle the Site mode

  1. In the Inline Manual portal, go to Sites.

  1. Choose a Site you want to manage.

  2. Switch the mode to LIVE/TEST, depending on your needs.

Done! It’ll take around 5 minutes to propagate the changes to the player.