If you wish to see more detailed information about your topics or users you can extract it from Inline Manual and further work with it in Excel.



1) Open JSON file in Excel

Open the Data tab (a). Click Get Data (b) and open the option From File (c). Select From JSON (d).


2) Start editing data in Power Query Editor

Your data has been loaded from JSON file to Power Query Editor. To begin extracting data you need to start by clicking To Table.

3) Expand columns

Once you have changed the data into the table view you will be able to expand the columns (a) and select the data (b) you would like to see.

4) Expand columns further

If you still do not see the information you need, you'll have to expand it further. Click to expand columns (a) and select Expand To New Rows (b).

5) Select data

Click expand column (a) again and select the data (b) you wish to see.

6) Close and Load

After you are done editing the JSON file in the Power Query Editor you can click Close and Load. This will load your selected data to an Excel table where you can work with it further.

Outcome: You have processed the JSON file and selected which data you wish to see in the Excel table. Now you can work with this data further.