The Widget appears by default when you install and enable the player. You can follow steps to hide the widget. If you find that the widget isn't disabled after following those steps, you can troubleshoot to find out what is wrong.

1. Check if the authoring tool is enabled

When the Authoring tool is enabled, it takes over the player and might introduce settings based on currently enabled site within the authoring tool.

  • If the Authoring tool is installed and enabled in your browser the icon appears green.
  • Click on it to disable the authoring tool. The authoring tool icon will turn blue.
  • Optionally, you can also reload the page.

2. Check if another Site's Player is installed

Each site has a unique player ID which you use for installation. If you have installed the wrong player ID, then will find the associated widget and settings will be wrong.

To check if you're working with the right player, run the diagnostics tool to check the Site ID in the Player info.

3. Check if the "Hide trigger option" has been enabled

Hide trigger under Panel Trigger in Sites > Site > Settings > Player settings should be checked. Read about How to hide widget.