The widget search allows your users to easily find a topic in the widget. Users are able to search for the topics in the widget using topics tags and topic description. There is also an English stemming functionality. In this article, we’ll show you how to use it.

Enabling search within the widget

To enable search within the widget:

  1. Go to Sites and choose the desired site.

  2. Go to the Widget tab. Then go Settings.

  1. Within Widget content toggle Search to allow users to search topics within the widget.

  1. You can also enable Search for hidden topics. This means that users can search for all the topics assigned to the site, even if these topics are not added to the widget.

Adding tags and descriptions to topics

To add tags to your topics:

  1. Go to Topics and choose the desired topic.

  1. Go to the Settings tab and scroll down to Advanced settings section.

  1. Provide Tags in the Tags section.

  1. Confirm changes with the Update Topic button.

To add topic descriptions:

  1. While within the Topic Settings, *scroll down* to Basic settings section.

  2. Provide desired content in the Description field.

  1. Confirm changes with the Update Topic button.

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