All of your content in Inline Manual is under a version control system, so you can see the complete change history including the author, dates, and edits made to the content and revert topics to previous states if needed. With version control, you can prevent mistakes and work more effectively. Everytime you click Save button in the Authoring Tool, a revision is created and added to a numbered list under the Revisions tab. Use it to roll back to any changes you made to a topic.

Managing revisions

Once you have created the topic, you can create a release and assign it to a topic.

Use revisions whenever you need to test your new topics without disturbing the current site. For example, you can create a staging site and assign the same topic as a production site but with a different release. This will let you make changes at the staging site without directly affecting the production site. Then, when you’re ready, assign a proper release to a topic.

With releases, you can revert the changes you made and roll back to the previous version of a topic. To roll back changes, you need to export a previous revision and import it. Learn how to revert changes.

Find out more about version control and deployment to manage releases.

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