If you already created a release, you’re probably wondering how to assign it to a topic. By default, a topic displays HEAD (the latest saved) revision of your topic within a site.

In this article, we’ll show how to assign a named release to a topic instead.

Assigning a release to a topic

You'll need at least one named release available. See how to create a release.

To assign the release to a topic:

  1. Go to Sites and choose a site you want to edit.

  1. In the Topics tab, edit the topic you want to assign a release to.

  1. Use the drop-down menu to select a release.

  1. Update the topic and save and publish changes.


Why would you change the release for a topic?

If you're using releases to manage updates, then you can assign a named release instead of HEAD. This way, you can edit and make changes safely while a stable version of your content is deployed. Find out more about version control.

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