We currently do not have the option to clone a site. However, you can copy the settings manually. You can also copy or assign topics to multiple sites. 



  1. Site details of the Site being copied




1) Create a new Site

You can create a site from the Authoring tool or the Inline Manual portal by clicking on the Create site button shown in the picture below.



2) Select the appropriate Site

Select the Site you wish to copy the settings from by clicking on Settings.



3) Copy all settings

Copy the settings you have in the following sections:


  1. Player appearance - Copy the settings for step's colors and font, button colors, pointer colors, launcher colors, backdrop colors and opacity.
  2. Player languages - Copy the languages you wish to copy as well as the translated user interface elements. These include the buttons (Next, Previous, End) as well as widget titles, footer, and so forth.
  3. Player settings - Copy the site's Player settings for further customization of the steps, widget, and the checklist. You can also copy mirroring settings and preferred storage settings.
  4. Player integrations - Copy the site's player integrations. This is one-way integration, you need to have these services already injected inside of your application.
  5. Advanced settings - Copy scroll type, authoring tool selector settings, the URL part you want to track in your analytics and the Javascript code.



4) Copy the Widget Settings (Optional)

You can also copy the Widget Settings, go to the Widget tab and click Settings. Copy the settings from all the Widget Settings tabs to the new site.



You have now copied another site settings to your new site.