Do you know that users prefer self-help? The best thing you can do is to provide in-app help, so they don’t have to go searching. With Inline Manual articles feature, you can create, organize and provide knowledge base articles and help right in your application.


When you add an article, it will appear in the widget by default and load right there in the widget. You can also give your users an option to open an article with a launcher. When it comes to organizing articles within the widget, you can reorder the list of articles, hide them from the list or put them into neat folders.

Like any content you make with Inline Manual, you can use the WYSIWYG editor, add media, custom buttons and edit the HTML directly to enhance the look and feel of your articles and the widget.

If you wish to present the most relevant content, define context paths so your chosen articles will only appear in particular sections of your application.

Now, it’s time to add your first article. Proceed to next tutorial: create an article.