A wildcard character can be used to substitute for any other character or characters in a string. In Inline Manual, that is utilized on URLs and Paths.

URL Match for Autolaunchers

When creating Autolaunchers there is an advanced option for URL Match where the Launcher will only be activated when the URL matches a pattern. E.g. ://.example.com/*, :///some/path, :///?aa=&bb=123#xxx

Topic Context URLs

Context path is an additional Topic option. It allows you to tell the player whether the Topic relates to certain page. Every topic has Context URLs field where you can enter path. If you want to enter multiple paths, separate them by new line (path per line). Do not include domain name. You can use wildcards. eg. "sites/*" will apply to all paths that starts with "sites/" including "sites". It will match "sites/create", "sites/321/topics", etc.

Topic Launchers

Topic Launchers lets you launch a specific topic on a site. You can also use wildcards here.