How does Inline Manual free trial work?

You can try Inline Manual for 14 days with no obligations, and no strings attached. No credit card is required. You will get a fully functional working account that allows you to create an unlimited amount of walkthroughs, target users and set up everything, just like the paid account.

After installing the Authoring tool, you can start building topics without any code changes to your application. It means that you can begin creating guides right away! Inline Manual acts as a layer on top of your application and you can see how it interacts with your app on the fly. You can try it out and see how it will look for your customers before publishing anything. It couldn't be easier, could it?

What happens at the end of my trial?

After two weeks, we will restrict access to your content and sites. To continue using Inline Manual, set up your subscription. You can buy the subscription online and pay via credit card, or pay annually by invoice. Your trial will become your Inline Manual account, so you can continue where you left. We take security seriously. Therefore we are using very well known payment processor called Stripe. No credit card data is stored or processed within Inline Manual. You can read about Stripe's security here.

For what do you charge me?

We charge for the number of active users. An active user is a user that logs in to your application, and the Inline Manual player is installed for them. It does not matter whether they use the Inline Manual walkthroughs or not, since you can target them with automated messages based on segmentation - hence why we need to track them. You can choose to limit who will have Inline Manual available on your side or you can disable analytics and people tracking.

Our system can handle traffic for millions of users. Whether you have a large or small user base, we are ready!

Now, play with the app and take your time to decide - it will pay off later. Contact us with your ideas and questions. We're more than happy to help!